Outside General Counsel to Businesses and Organizations

We serve as outside general counsel to businesses, property owners, contractors, and other organizations.

We develop trusted, ongoing relationships and can advise you in identifying risks and maximizing opportunities. We will help you avoid potential issues and liabilities. Although risk is a part of business, we can help you limit your exposure through the effective use of insurance, indemnities, guaranties, and other risk-shifting or reduction mechanisms.

General Business Litigation

Business and contract disputes distract business owners from what they do best—running their business. Unfortunately, when others don’t honor their commitments, you may be forced to seek relief in the courtroom.

We can deal with any potential legal disputes and create effective, cost-efficient, unique strategies, to get you the best possible result. Whether prosecuting, defending, or monitoring, we will simplify the complex litigation process and minimize your distractions.

Employment Discrimination

Most employers deal honestly and fairly with their employees. But, if an employee feels they have been treated unfairly, they may file an employment discrimination claim. We can help you reduce the risk of that happening.

The best way to avoid employment discrimination claims is through effective, ethical, and comprehensive employment policies and practices. We will help you draft and implement an effective employee handbook and implement comprehensive employment practices to reduce the risk of employment discrimination claims.